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Friday, September 4, 2009

<< [my new ALBUM] >>

Hello my dear readers! I feel that the title for this week is very interesting. This is about my new album. Do you know that I had launched my new album to the market? The title for my new album is My Butterfly Doesn’t Fly. My album contains ten pleasant songs of me. I’d dedicated the songs to all my fans. Now I want to tell a little bit about synopsis of each song that contain in my album.

1] Issues

This song is story about a couple that face some problems in their love affair. The boy has leaved the girls hanging for so long time and he has empty out her love until it’s all gone. The girls feel alone and she doesn’t know if she should hate or miss her boy.

2] The fear

This is about a woman that realizes that this world is materialistic. She wants to be rich and want lots of money but she doesn’t care about the clever and funny. After too long time she doesn’t know what’s right and what’s real anymore because she is being taken over by the fear. Lastly she knows that this life’s is about film stars and less about mothers.

3] Mad

A fight that occurs between a husband and his spouse become more tragic when the husband died in one of the accident. After fighting with his wife, he saw a child want to cross the road and he wants to protect the child. Unfortunately, the car had rammed on him. The wife felt too sad because she still loves her husband and want to apologies him.

4] Halo

Actually the meaning of halo is a circle of light or something bright. In this song, the woman believe that her husband has a glory because she find that her husband never dishonest with other woman. He is very good and kind husband.

5] Knock you down

I find that this song is very interesting because it’s featuring with my close friends Kanye West and Ne-yo. The flow of the songs tells about a girl had dishonesty with her boys. This is because the girls believe that sometimes loves comes around. Lastly the girl has leaved her boy.

6] Obsessed

Very pretty woman had confused why mans was so obsessed with her. This is because she felt that she is not a good woman to fall in love with man. She says that the man was just delusion with her.

7] No boundaries

This is the one of the songs that contains motivation on our life. The singer clarify that we can succeed if we harder in effort to make it reality. Every step that we do, we can get the successful even we had made it through the pain.

8] Hush hush

It tells us about one woman that had broken heart with her man. The man wants to console her back but it’s quite difficult for the woman to accept him back. Lastly the man has perforce to let her go from his life because the woman really doesn’t need him anymore.

9] How do you sleep

One man had remembered back his past time story with his girl. There is about a year now. Both of them had separated before to fulfill theirs family’s desire in future studies. He has missing her crazy. Lastly, the man has meet back the girls and he start fall in love with the girl.

10] I’m so paid

This song tells about two hustlers that bet each other for money. One of the hustlers is come from nigger gangs. They have beaten a large amount of dollar bills. Lastly, one of the hustlers has cheated because they get counterfeit notes.


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